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Nerdunit partnered up with a surgical mask company, Common Mask, to debut a six-piece collection of lighthearted and mischievous essentials centered around a juicy take on Burgers & their condiments like mustard, Salsa & BBQ sauce.
The idea is to transmit positive vibes, communicate, make friends and have fun while bringing back joyful memories like the old times, where enjoying ice cream on a hot day was a norm.

This series intends to bring out those nostalgic feelings and joy they can bring to us and the people around us. These products draw in equal parts from the glitz, glamor, and colors of fast food commercials plus the boundary-pushing nature of ’00s streetwear.

The six-piece bundle consists of 2 boxes of 4-ply Surgical Mask in Salsa (Dark Green), BBQ (Brown) colorway, Mustard colored Tumbler, a spicy car fragrance tag, a Mask Cover, and lastly, a Burger themed Tee.

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