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9090 x Nerdunit Collection Capsule

9090 x Nerdunit Collection Capsule

From Japan to Malaysia

9090 x Nerdunit Collection Capsule

This fusion of creative forces has birthed a line of apparel meticulously crafted with your ultimate comfort in mind. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where premium cotton and mesmerizing rhinestones intertwine, giving life to the iconic 9090 King Logo like never before.

With this ethos at the core of our collaboration, we've embarked on a quest to create garments that transcend style, enveloping you in an unparalleled cocoon of luxurious comfort. Every thread, every stitch has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that you not only look exceptional but feel it too. We've handpicked premium cotton, renowned for its softness and breathability, guaranteeing a sublime experience with every wear. What truly sets this collaboration apart is the infusion of rhinestones into the iconic 9090 King Logo. We sought to breathe new life into this emblem, endowing it with a vibrant energy that pulsates with individuality and flair. The shimmering rhinestones dance in harmony with the minimalist aesthetics both 9090 and Nerdunit embody, forging a captivating synergy that elevates your street-ready ensemble to new heights of sophistication.

Exclusively on our Mid Valley store only. Come Visit!

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