Due to the MCO 2.0 restrictions, delivery time may be a bit longer than normal (up to 10 business days). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team. Our Customer support representatives are standing by to answer your questions via email or instagram/facebook DM.

We appreciate your patience and are doing our best to ship all orders on time.


At Nerdunit, we take our role in fighting against Covid-19 very seriously and our priority through this remains the safety of our staff and customers. Therefore, we implemented various measurements at each stage to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.


1) Receiving

Ensuring that all our team uses hand sanitizer's and wear gloves, which is easily accessible throughout our warehouse, and physical distancing is mandatory. All of our team members are advised to not touch their faces after handling a package, throw away the gloves and wash their hands afterwards.



2) Put-away

Continually disinfect all surfaces with household bleach solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and household disinfectants recommended by the authorities. Any package handling should be carried out as per #1 above.


3) Picking

It is essential that strict rules of hygiene and physical distancing — two metres apart— are maintained in this section. Our team would use sanitisers and wash their hands frequently. Equipment are disinfected before and after every use.



4) Packing

Packing is perhaps the most important section of the warehouse when it comes to the need to enforce the highest hygienic standards since containers need to be cleaned and prepared for packing. 

Parcel handling will be conducted as per #1 above, and containers will be deep cleaned with disinfectants. Our Team would also regularly use sanitisers and wash their hands.


5) Dispatching

We would maintain physical distancing, continually disinfect all equipment, and observe the strict hygiene protocols. We will also spray and wipe each package with disinfectant before loading them into delivery vehicles.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: NERDUNIT Will Continuously Monitor The Health Of Our Team Members.