The Nerdunit Future Store is a unique lifestyle store that offers minimalistic yet bold streetwear fashion located the heart of Tokyo, Harajuku. This store is one of Nerdunit’s three main concept stores this year, which are ‘Future - Experience - Playground’. This store is dubbed the ‘Future Store’, with futuristic elements seem throughout the store interior designs. 

Nerdunit Future Store interior is defined by a futuristic, metallic walkway epitomizing the future of streetwear fashion. A stainless steel time-machine-like tunnel at the entrance, with an intricate rail travelator system and two big screens on both sides, looping Nerdunit’s past collection videos and events, creating a journey throughout the space, hoping to bring customers into the past, present and the future of Nerdunit. Deep within the store lies a metallic cabinet that showcase the modern and sophisticated accessories including lanyard, caps, belts and phone case.

The store heavily utilizes stainless steel in creating a cold yet modern atmosphere, enhanced with Nerdunit’s iconic emblem design displayed in various materials, in random locations throughout the store.

For the Nerdunit Future Store Grand Opening of the Harajuku store, Our team decided to celebrate it by hosting a Grand Opening Party on the 17th April and launching our Limited-Edition Store Opening T-Shirts. Famous fashionistas of Tokyo gathered at the Nerdunit Japan Store to celebrate with us for the new store opening. Also many of them came strutting their best style in Nerdunit’s latest collections.

The elite guest-list included local designers, singers, model, rap stars, rock bands, DJ’s, Magazine Editors and countless more. Guests were greeted by free-flow drinks and danced to hip hop music curated and mixed by renowned Japanese DJ’s like DJ Hal from the Exile boy band group, DJ Taj and more.

Nerdunit Future Store is finally open to the public. Drop by and experience the future for yourself!

Located at 3-21-12 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Harajuku, Tokyo.

The store is open seven days a week from 11.00am - 8.00pm.