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The “Emblem Camo” collection draws inspiration from World War II, utilizing dull elements, camouflage tones, pairing them with Nerdunit iconic yet minimalistic silhouettes, and adding functionality to the garments such as reversible “slingable” jacket and multi-pocket cargo pants. This collection highlights the close connection between war and terrorism. The “Terrorist Bunny” is the mascot of this collection, it aims to evoke a sense of fear, mischief and rebellion, all at once.


Staying true to military roots, our team had spent 8 months to research and develop our very own camouflage pattern - the Emblem Camo. Extending from our most popular Emblem design, we decided to expand into camouflage patterns, functional clothing and more complex material.

This collection includes hoodies, reversible bomber jackets, cargo pants, t-shirts, long sleeves tees and crop tops. The Emblem Camo Hoodie, aka the “Terrorist Bunny” Hoodie, the star product of the Emblem Camo collection, comes with a terrorist-inspired mask and a pair of detachable bunny ears in the Emblem Camo pattern.

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