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The Dusk Till Dawn collection revolves around a concept of versatility and relatability; the pieces are designed to give the wearer convenience and flexibility in creating a day-to-night summer capsule wardrobe, thus emphasizing on the concept of ‘anyone, anywhere, anytime’. 

This collection sees Nerdunit putting a fresh spin on its signature emblems and logos to create a modern retro theme inspired by 1980’s American influence and the classic ‘Rocky’ film series. With new graphic prints that recollect the abstract art movement and the rise of globalization in the past, these designs connect wearers to times of 1980's retro America through nostalgic symbolism. 


This collection includes rhinestone T-shirts, reflective lining sweatshirts, original camo prints, metallic hoodies, sweatpants and a variety of accessories. The Emblem Sling Bag is the star product of this collection. A re-envisioned design of the previous bag, The Emblem Sling Bag from Dusk Till Dawn collection comes with an adjustable and detachable strap that can be interchanged with other Nerdunit bag straps. A matte resin chain is an additional embellishment to the bag that accentuates its roots to contemporary street style. 

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